July 3, 2011 Liturgy

Singing: Psalm 136:1,2
Singing: Psalm 136:6,7,12
Scripture reading: Revelation 13:1-10
Revelation 17:1-6
Singing: Psalm 5:5,6,9
Text: Revelation 17:7-14
Responsive Song: Hymn 82:4

Offertory: Work of the deacons
Closing Song: Hymn 53:1,2

Getting to see the wider context
T. One of the seven angels begins to show John the mystery of the prostitute
1. He does this by recalling John’s attention to the beast from the sea;
Angel addresses astonishment
Angel calls attention to the beast
We’ve seen the beast before
Look at the beast again
2. He does this by exposing more details about this beast from the sea;
See more detail
Who/what these details represent
Ponder properly
Was, is not, is about to come
Caution again!
What we can say
3. He does this with words of gentle admonition.
Nature of astonishment
Gentle Admonition
Really nothing new
Hold tight!

Singing: Psalm 130:3,4
Profession of Faith Hymn 1
Scripture Reading: 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18
Singing: Hymn 70:1,2,3,4
Text: Belgic Confession 37
Responsive Song: Psalm 42:3

Offertory Work of the deacons
Closing Song: Hymn 67:1,2,4,7

The power of hope
T. We confess our hope in the return of our Saviour.
1. The context of this confession;
Not Comprehensive
Not dry!
Question of applicability
Context of last days
Resonates today too!
2. The contents of this confession;
Walk through what will happen with BC 37 as our guide
What will happen?
Horrible for unbelievers!
Great joy for believers!
Important – for today!
3. The basis of this confession.
Cf. first words “according to the Word of God.”
We too face that scoffing!
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