March 27, 2016 Liturgy

You can listen to the live service here!

This week’s minister is Rev. Kampen.

Morning Service
Pre-service song: Hymn 37

*Votum & Salutation
*Singing: Hy. 31:1,2
Reading of the Law
Singing: Ps. 119:62
Reading: Luke 16:19-31; 24:1-12
Singing: Hy. 33:1-4
Text: Luke 24:13-35
Sermon: The Emmaus account shows that if we do not hear Moses and the Prophets, we will not be convinced to believe even if someone rises from the dead. We consider:
1. How this is evident in this account
2. How this guides the ministry church
Singing: Hy. 48:1,2
*Singing: Hy. 52:1,2
*Benediction and Threefold Amen

Afternoon Service

Pre-service song: Psalm 30: 1,2

*Votum & Salutation
*Singing: Ps. 84:1,2
*Confession of Faith (Hy. 1)
Reading: 1 Corinthians 15:1-28
Singing: Hy. 34:1,2,3,4
Text: Lord’s Day 17
Sermon: Christ’s resurrection benefits us in three ways. We see its benefits for:
1. Our Righteousness
2. Our Rebirth
3. Our Resurrection
Singing: Hy. 32:1,2,3,4
*Singing: Ps. 150:1,2,3
*Benediction and Threefold Amen

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