Need a ride to church?

Would you or a family member like to attend church but don’t have transportation? Do you know someone who would like a ride to church? We can help. Whether you live nearby in Guelph or are a student at Conestoga, UW, or WLU living in Kitchener or Waterloo, we’ve probably got a church member living near you!

Please don’t let a lack of transportation prevent you from joining us in worship on Sunday – we would love to have your company and fellowship.


In order to expediate communication, please send an email to Chris Togeretz at with the following information:

  • When would you like a ride? Morning of afternoon service – this week or next?
  • Where you live and a suggestion for pickup location
  • How to get ahold of you – we suggest you leave a phone number as well as your email address

Upon receiving your email, Chris will contact you as soon as he can with some sort of arrangements. Please don’t assume that you’ll have a ride to church unless you hear back! See you soon!